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Meet AI and HPC at HiPIC Lab

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) are revolutionizing research and development by significantly enhancing data processing capabilities and accelerating complex computations. AI algorithms, combined with the immense computational power of HPC, enable researchers to analyze vast datasets, uncover patterns, and generate insights at unprecedented speeds. This synergy facilitates breakthroughs in fields such as genomics, climate modeling, materials science, and drug discovery. By automating routine tasks and providing predictive analytics, AI and HPC together drive innovation, optimize experiments, and reduce time-to-discovery, ultimately pushing the boundaries of scientific and technological advancement.

High Performance & Intelligence Computing

This research lab aims at developing new methods and technologies in Computer Science that use the under-utilized resources of computing systems distributed across research institutions and the likes, like virtual resources (VRs) for the purposes of research across multi-disciplinary virtual organizations (VOs). These e-infrastructures include; high-performance servers, virtual machines, cloud services, grid computing infrastructures, as well as repositories of simulation and modeling applications in science gateways and computing clusters.

High Performance Computing

Cloud Computing

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things


To pioneer innovative solutions in Computer Science that harness the potential of distributed computing resources, enabling seamless collaboration and groundbreaking research across multidisciplinary virtual organizations globally.


Our mission is to develop cutting-edge technologies that leverage under-utilized computing resources to advance Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCI), Computing Intelligence, and Wireless Mobile Devices and Sensor Networks, fostering scientific collaboration and innovation.

Our Team

Collins N. Udanor (Ph.D)
Chair, Hipic lab
Blessing Ogbuokiri
Chikodili H.Ugwuishiwu (Ph.D)
Dr. Mrs. Adaora Angela Obayi

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